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Monday, September 18, 2017

Fight Night at the Sands, 1967!

Sept. 16, 1967

Dentist says Frank is OK after TKO at Sands Hotel

Frank Sinatra’s dentist says the entertainer’s bruised and battered mouth will be good as new today, but it’s unlikely the damage to Sinatra’s pride will heal so easily.

The bantam battler from Hoboken lost his first cabaret decision Sunday, a one-punch TKO by the fist of a 250-pound heavyweight.

A punch by Carl Cohen, who runs the casino, sent Sinatra reeling. Observers said that Sinatra, enraged because the hotel would not extend him credit above the $200,000 he owed, flung a handful of chips into Cohen’s face and was promptly decked.

His dentist said Sinatra’s “great smile” would be back in shape today, but this gambling haven was still buzzing over the fracas.

Sinatra was incensed and reportedly drove a golf cart through a plate glass window, made a shambles of his penthouse apartment, and ripped wires from the hotel’s switchboard before he disappeared.

He returned Sunday night and continued his show. He reportedly shouted obscenities at security guards and executives of the hotel.

“He was loud, obscene and yelling at the top of his voice,” one witness said. “He was drinking, gambling and just went on a wild rampage.”

At one time during the busy weekend, Sinatra reportedly shouted, “I built this hotel from a sand pile and I can tear the hotel down, and before I am through that is what it will be again.”

Sinatra had been given free reign in the past because he was a sellout at the Sands twice a year. But millionaire industrialist Howard Hughes recently purchased the hotel and instituted some policy changes, apparently including a limit to Sinatra’s gambling credit.

Sinatra announced over the weekend he was severing all connections with the Sands and would become affiliated with Caesar’s Palace.



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